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About Holtz's Heroes Foundation


On behalf of the Holtz's Heroes Foundation Board - welcome to our website! This platform is designed for us to maximize our ability to support the Holtz's Heroes' mission while providing a unique way for all of us to network with one another regardless of graduation year.  Whether it's to share a memory of a favorite game, a particular pep talk, a locker room story, or share more current news involving community service efforts, family, work, health updates, travel and the like, we hope you will be active on the Holtz's Heroes site. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to preserving and supporting the legacy of Coach Lou Holtz and his players while providing a platform to provide financial assistance for the educational needs of underprivileged students and legacies as well as support charitable and educational activities and organizations within the communities of its members. So if you were a player, coach, team manager, or trainer under Coach Holtz at Notre Dame, please take the time to activate your free membership by joining today! See you in the Locker Room!

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