“Do what’s right. Do your best. Show others you care.”

-Coach Holtz

Seeking to preserve and extend the legacy of Love, Trust, and Commitment exemplified by the players and support staff of teams led by Coach Lou Holtz. We accomplish this by assisting former student-athletes facing financial, physical, or mental hardships, providing scholarship aid to deserving youth, and serving our respective communities through charitable works.

The guidance and wisdom Coach Holtz imparted upon us as student athletes is everlasting. We established this foundation to pay his efforts forward. We have committed to uphold and honor his legacy by supporting former teammates facing hardships and mental health issues, providing need based scholarships, and selflessly serving the communities across our national network.


“I can’t believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.”

-Coach Holtz

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Players come and go but teammates are forever…”

-Coach Holtz

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