We shared sidelines, huddles, and locker rooms during our time playing at Notre Dame. Today, we share the values instilled in us during that time by our coach, and now friend, Lou Holtz. His lessons went far beyond X’s and O’s; he taught us the true meaning of team and commitment.
The Holtz’s Heroes Foundation dedicates all its efforts to making those lessons present in our daily lives. From how we support each other to the way we serve our community. Together, we once won a National Championship. Today, we work to earn something even more important: lives of meaning and honor.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and extending the legacy of Love, Trust, and Commitment exemplified by Coach Lou Holtz and his players, coaches, and staff.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc.

  • Supports former student-athletes facing financial, physical, or mental hardships
  • Provides scholarship aid to deserving youth
  • Serves communities in need through charitable works

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is not affiliated with the University of Notre Dame’s development office.

Reggie Brooks
Executive Director

We are Holtz’s Heroes

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