Bobby Satterfield Fund

“Players come and go but teammates are forever…” -Coach Holtz

Named in honor of Notre Dame football player Bobby Satterfield, this initiative within the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie and solidarity among teammates. Bobby Satterfield, a walk-on for the Irish, left a lasting impact beyond the field.

Tragically, Bobby’s life was cut short in 1989 at the helm of Notre Dame’s eleventh national championship win. However, in the face of loss, the Notre Dame family rallied together, demonstrating the power of unity and support during times of adversity.

The Bobby Satterfield Fund stands as a beacon of hope for athletes and their families as they navigate life’s challenges beyond the game. Whether facing financial strain, mental health hurdles, or physical ailments, this fund provides vital support to those in need. From offering aid to families impacted by addiction to providing relief in the face of unforeseen job loss or illness, the fund upholds the legacy of teamwork that Bobby embodied.

You can be part of the advocacy by giving to the Bobby Satterfield Fund. Every donation to the Bobby Satterfield Fund fuels our mission to uphold the legacy of Bobby Satterfield and provide meaningful assistance to those who have dedicated themselves to the sport. With careful consideration and adherence to established policies, Holtz’s Heroes Foundation allocates resources where they are needed most, fostering a community where teammates stand strong together.

Reggie Brooks
Executive Director

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