Empowering Future Generations Through Education


Education is the cornerstone of opportunity, yet many promising students face financial barriers to pursuing their academic dreams. That’s why the Lou’s Lads Foundation is committed to leveling the playing field and ensuring that underprivileged students and legacies have access to the support they need to succeed.

Established as a tribute to Lou Holtz’s unwavering dedication to both academic excellence and the empowerment of young minds, the Lou’s Lads Foundation Endowed Scholarship Program aims to provide vital financial assistance to deserving students and invest in these students’ futures. We seek to nurture future leaders, innovators, and changemakers who will go on to be a force for good to their communities and beyond.

We welcome contributions to the Lou’s Lads Foundation Endowed Scholarship Program, which would help expand our scholarship opportunities and ensure we can continue paving the way towards a brighter future for all.

Reggie Brooks
Executive Director

We are Holtz’s Heroes

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