“The kids need to know their dad was someone special. Make sure you reach out to their families to let them know what a good person their husband and father was and let them know they are invited to the reunion.”

Coach Holtz

Dear Holtz’s Heroes family,

Our board of directors recently met at Coach Holtz’s house to discuss the mission and operations of Holtz’s Heroes Foundation. Before the meeting started, we reflected on our former teammates that passed. Coach Holtz immediately emphasized the importance of ensuring that each family that lost a loved one be contacted to let them know how special their father and husband was. Coach wanted to ensure that the families were included at all upcoming events and not be forgotten. Coach Holtz’s request was immediately embraced. It was a powerful reminder of the Holtz’s Heroes family. It was a reminder of our brotherhood. It was a reminder of our lifetime commitment beyond just our 4 years at Notre Dame. It was a reminder of Coach Holtz’s love for us and our families. It was a reminder that each day is a blessing, and while the future may hold uncertainties, our Holtz’s Heroes family is stronger than ever. Holtz’s Heroes is a powerful bond that will watch over our families passed our days on earth.

Love, Trust, and Commitment.

Not only words but actions that Coach Holtz continually reminds us of every time we are with him. The driving force behind our mission at Holtz’s Heroes Foundation. The reason why we support one another, our families, and the community.

Thank you for joining me and our board of directors in living the values of Love, Trust, and Commitment.

On behalf of Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, we wish you and your family a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

Reggie Brooks
Executive Director

Bread of Life Drive

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation thanks our dedicated volunteers for hosting a successful food drive. Over 60,000 items were collected to serve families and communities in need in the New York area.

Irish Legends 2024

“What it means to me to be a Holtz’s Hero is to be a part of a brotherhood that has continued on beyond four years of college to a lifetime. To interact with my fellow teammates and hundreds of players who have played for Coach Holtz over time at Notre Dame is special. We realize we are friends for life. We are a support system for each other, and we are bigger than just the individual. We are part of a greater good and a team that lasts for a lifetime.”

Ned Bolcar
Two-Time Notre Dame Football Captain
Holtz’s Hero

Join Ned, Coach Holtz, and Holtz’s Heroes at Irish Legends 2024 on June 2-3 at Woodstone Country Club and Lodge in Danielsville, PA.

All proceeds from this event will support the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation and the Bethlehem Catholic General Scholarship Fund.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation Mission

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc. is not a political organization. Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and extending the legacy of Love, Trust, and Commitment exemplified by Coach Lou Holtz and his players, coaches, and staff.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc.

  • Supports former student-athletes facing financial, physical, or mental hardship
  • Provides scholarship aid to deserving youth
  • Serves communities in need through charitable works

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is not affiliated with the University of Notre Dame’s development office.

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