Dear Holtz’s Heroes family,

One of my favorite things as Executive Director is being able to keep in touch with Holtz’s Heroes brothers and their families. Every day I get to connect with at least one former teammate and brother. I am honored to be a “proud uncle” and hear about the many accomplishments of my thousands of nieces and nephews throughout the country.
I want to take the time to say to each one of the children of Holtz’s Heroes how proud I am.

I’m proud of you for your athletic accomplishments, but I’m more proud of you for being a good leader and teammate.
I’m proud of you for your artistic abilities and how your artwork brings joy to the community.
I’m proud of you for your mathematical abilities. I’m proud of you for how you use those skills to solve problems to make the world a better place.
I’m proud of you for your enthusiasm as a cheerleader. Everyone needs a cheerleader to help reach their goals, and your cheers can be a difference maker.
I’m proud of you for overcoming obstacles.
I’m proud of you for never giving up.
I’m proud of you for sticking up for the kid that was bullied.
I’m proud of you for finding a job that you love.
I’m proud of you for serving the community and spreading kindness.
I’m proud of you for showing up. Sometimes just showing up is a big victory.

As you grow older, know that you have hundreds of proud uncles that have your back and will always be here to support you. We are proud of you.

May you pass on the legacy of Trust, Love, Commitment onto your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.


Your Proud Uncle
Reggie Brooks
Executive Director

Day of Service

Holtz’s Heroes joined the Notre Dame Club of Dallas for a Day of Service at the Austin Street Center. Austin Street Center serves the homeless by providing comfort, shelter, and stability.


“No matter what happens on the field, getting an education makes you a winner.”

-Coach Holtz

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation continues to be inspired by Coach Holtz’s emphasis on education. Through annual scholarships, Holtz’s Heroes Foundation supports students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Coach Holtz was a mentor for us, and we are honored to pay it forward. We are proud of you
Adolfo, Arriam, Benson, and Edgar!

Irish Legends 2024

It’s not too late to sign up! Join Coach Holtz and Holtz’s Heroes at Irish Legends 2024 on June 2-3 at Woodstone Country Club and Lodge in Danielsville, PA.

All proceeds from this event will support the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation and the Bethlehem Catholic General Scholarship Fund.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation Mission

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc. is not a political organization. Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and extending the legacy of Love, Trust, and Commitment exemplified by Coach Lou Holtz and his players, coaches, and staff.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc.

  • Supports former student-athletes facing financial, physical, or mental hardships
  • Provides scholarship aid to deserving youth
  • Serves communities in need through charitable works
Holtz’s Heroes Foundation is not affiliated with the University of Notre Dame’s development office.

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