Thanks to your support and the support of so many that believe in our mission we were able to provide scholarships to both Anna Medrano and Sean Ford over the last three years. Both Anna and Sean are first generation college students and most deserving recipients of scholarship assistance. More importantly they made the most of their Notre Dame experience. Band, theatre, studying abroad, serving as a resident assistant, advocating for the environment and working on campus, are just a few of the activities dotting their resumes. Upon graduating Anna, a Cumming, Georgia native, will be joining Carrier in their Engineering  Leadership Program and Sean, a Tinley Park, IL native, will be joining McKinsey & Company as a business analyst.

2023 Holtz’s Heroes Scholarship Recipients Graduation

Scholarship assistance is just one example of the vision and mission Coach Lou Holtz had for our Foundation paying our own experiences forward. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you for continuing to make the vision an impactful reality. 

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