Congratulations to General Bryan Fenton, ‘87 for exemplifying God, Country, and Notre Dame. On August 30, 2022, he assumed command of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. General Fenton is only the second four star U.S. Military officer to graduate from the University of Notre Dame. General Fenton was also the first senior student manager assigned to Coach Lou Holtz upon his arrival at the University of Notre Dame. Here is what General Fenton shared about that experience, “I had the honor and good fortune of working for coach Lou Holtz while I was at Notre Dame. As we stood on the sidelines watching many a practice during his first year at Notre Dame, Coach Holtz would talk to me about his MBA — though when he spoke about an MBA, he meant ‘Made by Army.’ He’d talk about the sergeants, the corporals and the privates who shaped him when he was a lieutenant. He shared with me that leading soldiers prepared him in many ways for being a coach and that serving the nation was a tremendous responsibility. I never forgot our sideline talks or his speeches about trust, love and commitment. Later in my military career, I shared them with my teams and troops.” 

General Fenton your Holtz’s Heroes, Inc. family salutes you and we are extremely proud of you. Good luck in your assignment. America’s sons and daughters serving our country deserve leaders possessing your character and moral compass. 

Learn more about General Fenton here:

Watch General Fenton’s change of command ceremony here:

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